About Us

Musical Motion Pictures may be a new venture but it has deep roots in all things visually creative.

The head of our studio is Matt Hickinbottom, who started out writing freelance musical jingles for Children's ITV (CITV) from 1995-2000, and then later for the Disney Channel UK & Italy, earning his MCPS/PRS composer membership.

Over recent years Matt has travelled the world from Canada to Kazakhstan working for the likes of Merlin Entertainment, SONY Pictures, Nokia, Nike and an array of corporate, independent film and TV productions.

'Emily the little match girl' started out as an idea all the way back in 1995 and has grown into what it is today. The idea and songs have always been met with praise but due to the large scale production costs for period pieces and an ever changing world, it has remained loved, but hidden from the world... until now.

With the current lockdown halting productions around the world, we needed an alternative. Matt started dabbling with 3D Animation in 2013 and decided that it's now or never to bring this production out of the dark.

The amount of talent that remains hidden needs a stage and we're hoping that Musical Motion Pictures will help provide one to the many talents out there.


The journey to making
'Emily the little match girl'

Our head of studio Matt Hickinbottom talks about bringing this film alive and the journey of making a Christmas animated feature.